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Manage Your Projects Easily.
Learn how to:
  • post your project and get bids within minutes;
  •  review and accept qualified bids; and
  •  manage all your due diligence projects.
Alan Groshieder
Blue222 CEO
If you want to:
  •   access the world's best online bidding, hiring, and management tool for real estate inspection professionals;
  •  easily manage all your real estate due diligence projects; and
  •  manage a nationwide network of consultants and/or your own preferred vendors.
  •  a simple dashboard to manage all of your real estate projects;
  •  a nationwide network of Vendors ready to bid on your projects;
  •  the ability to invite and manage preferred Vendors that you already work with;
  •  modernized communication; and
  •  an account that is 100% FREE.
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