EnviroTech Summit 2017

If you haven’t signed up for this yet, it really looks like a fantastic event.  It’s SO important for our industry to embrace technology to become more efficient and make our jobs more efficient, fun, and profitable!

Event website: https://envirotechsummit.org/

I was asked to speak about the use of technology in the engineering/environmental fields, so I and other Blue222 folks will be attending.  I haven’t been to previous meetings, but I’ve heard great things.  I’ve also heard the facility is spectacular.

Sign up here: https://envirotechsummit.org/tickets/

From their website:

LEARN about how other professionals like you are applying smartphone technology, Internet of Things ideas, drone technology, remote sensing, and other cutting edge technologies to solve environmental problems.

DISCOVER the latest apps, smart IoT devices, mapping technologies, drone use cases, autonomous field data collection systems, reporting automation, and other tools.

CONNECT with environmental professionals, app developers, and hardware engineers to learn and create solutions for your projects!

EARN CREDITS – Attend and get 8+ hours of Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

I hope to see you there!

Alan R. Grosheider
CEO, Blue222