What if you could go back in time and invest in Uber or Airbnb?

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“The world’s online platform for real estate inspections.”


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Accredited Investors only  ♦  Regulation D 506(c) exemption  ♦  $3,000 minimum

♦ Users already cover the entire U.S.    ♦    Team with 20+ years industry experience   ♦   $40 billion industry in the U.S. alone
♦ CEO previously built a leading nationwide environmental inspection firm
♦ Extremely automated and scalable   ♦   Already signed on a $12 billion bank and a $100 million engineering firm

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Blue222 Executive Summary

After 20 years of building national environmental consulting firms, the founders of Blue222 observed a clear and consistent problem: the marketplace of independent real estate consultants in the United States is very inefficient. It’s difficult to find and engage consultants when and where you need them. It’s also difficult to determine the quality and capabilities of the consultants. With the examples of companies like Uber and Airbnb, we quickly realized how to solve these issues.

Blue222 is an Internet-based platform that allows banks, developers, purchasers, engineering firms, and others involved in real estate transactions to obtain multiple bids from pre-qualified consultants, quickly and efficiently. Our services include all types real estate due diligence, such as environmental inspections, appraisals, asbestos surveys, building inspections, and lead surveys in a U.S. marketplace of over $40 billion and many times that internationally.

The company is led by a team of successful entrepreneurs with experience in building fast growth nationwide companies. We already have the entire country covered with environmental consultants and have contracts in place with some of the largest engineering and architectural firms in the United States.

Our financial model is simple. When we connect a hiring firm with a consultant, we immediately charge the winning consultant 4% of the bid amount by credit card. The system works anywhere throughout the nation or the world. We expect to process over 130,000 projects during our 4th year of full operations, producing an enterprise value of nearly $300 million and significant returns for investors.