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So the title of this article sounds kind of silly, but it’s actually true. This is something you can do with Blue222: create your own nationwide management system with pre-approved environmental contractors…and, it doesn’t cost you a dime!

My name is Alan Grosheider, and I’m the CEO of Blue222. The whole reason we created Blue222 was to make it easy to find great environmental contractors all over the country. In my 25 years of experience in the environmental business, I often found it difficult to find the right contractors all over the country when and where I needed them.

So we spent over 2 years building the Blue222 system. Then we spent over 1 year screening and adding the very best environmental contractors throughout the country. Many of these contractors are people that I and my partners have worked with over the years. Other contractors we have found through referrals.

In all my years of consulting, I found, and I’m sure you have too, that the most important thing to building your consulting business is your relationship with your client. The client wants a high quality report in a timely fashion. It doesn’t matter where you’re located.

As a consultant, your limitation probably has been the ability to knock out a lot of work in a short period of time, if it’s just you doing the work or you and a handful of employees. Finding the right people to pitch in on a project often is difficult. The other thing that’s difficult is location. If you have a great client who needs work done all over the U.S., you can get on a plane and travel all over the country. However, the projects often become unprofitable very quickly when travel costs and time eat up the whole project.

Let me show you how to become a national environmental consulting firm in 2 minutes. (See the video.)

First CLICK HERE. Fill out the form. After your account is approved, click on Signin, and put in your username and password. You’re now a national environmental firm! You have a network of the absolute best environmental contractors in the country at your fingertips and a system to manage them.

To find contractors, you simply log on to your account, click on Post New Project, fill out the form, click continue, review the info on the form, and select Pick Contractors. You’ll receive a list of all available contractors in the area with details on their qualifications and reviews of their work. Next, you select each contractor that you want to receive your RFP, and select continue.

All the contractors you selected will receive an email asking them to bid on the project. As their bids come in, you’ll receive emails to notify you. Then you can log into your account and assign the work to the appropriate contractor. The assigned contractor will receive an email notifying them that they have received the work, and the other contractors will be notified that they did not.

Once the project has been assigned, you can manage the whole project from your dashboard by clicking on the project, communicating with your contractors via the message center, and sharing documents via the project file drop box. Once the project has been completed, the contractor will click a button to send you an invoice, and you can pay them electronically.

I won’t go into too many details on the use of the system, but you can find more at

The Blue222 system literally makes it easy for you to create a national environmental firm in a matter of minutes. We have pre-screened, fantastic contractors all over the country, and we’re adding more every day. You can manage all of your work from one dashboard. As long as you have clients who need work done all over the country (even if just occasionally), you can use the Blue222 system to manage your projects across the U.S. and find really fantastic contractors.

So, sign up today, and you can start working from the beach like the guy in the photo. As long as you’re doing a great job to review the work before it goes out to your client, you have created a fantastic national environmental firm!

We’re very hands-on with running the company and easy to get ahold of, so if there’s anything we can do to help, please let us know. If there’s anything we can do to improve, let us know.

We look forward to making your job as easy as we can and helping your business grow.

Thank you!

Alan R. Grosheider, CEO/President